Favorite theme: I have always had a love of the castle theme, that is the theme that got me started as an adult.
Favorite set: I built the Death Star Playset for Comic-con, That is a neat set, with lots of playability. Tons of moving gizmo's and gadgets.
Fav piece: Hinges are fun...tons of possibilites with a hinge.
Fav color: old chrome....ooooh shiney!
Rarest piece: gold threepio, no....gold dragon....no..Billund forty year minifig....no...
Wish they made: more of the Monsters sets....kinda universal style....those were nifty (and shortlived).
Wish they made part: two by two plate with studs on both sides.....or two by four....or two by one....!
Last set you purchased: Zorg from Toy Story line.
Dislike: Galidor...nuff said.
Occupation: martial arts instructor (twenty years this month)fun rewarding job.
Age: 43.
Spouse: Mrs. Monster , tolerent of my Lego obssesion....she builds once in a while.
How I got started: one day while home sick I pulled out my girlfriends son's Lego.....I built a pretty neat robot. White I bemember.
First set purchased: 1992....Forestmans Hideout.
Dark ages: yes I have been in and out of my obssesion a few times since 1992, just depends on what life is throwing at you at the given moment....
Amount of Lego: I am estimating between one and two thousand pounds.(prolly on the lower end of that spectrum)
Legoland parks visited: only Cali.....sadly.
Favorite ride or attraction: the Jr Master ModelBuilder contest is a lot of fun and is a title that has been eluding me for several years....one day....
Lego dream job: If I could sit in the Clubhouse and just build little trinkets for guests to purchase that would be the cats meow.
Website: I only have my Flickr account....monsterbrick is the user name...hence the name monster.
Other hobbies: video games is a fun hobby of mine....hacky sack is the only thing I have been doing longer than Lego....and I love to ride bicycles.
Time building: winter time it is cold in my Lego room and building grinds to a halt or creeps along at a snail pace.....summer time it is nice and cool in there so I hang out in there a lot.
PAB score: One time I scored about a couple dozen of those chrome 2x2 rounds at the clubhouse.....
Stuck on an island with: I will say the biggest Millenium falcon set....so I could get maximum Lego...maximum possibilities.
Where's Wes?: I saw him on Facebook today......